Health is the most important factor in one’s life but unfortunately mostly people tend to ignore it for the sake of money. They keep running after their ambitions but forgets to look after their own health. There is nothing wrong in pursuing your goals but one shall not forget about his health as well. Minor illness are mostly ignored but major health diseases can not be ignored. For instance if a person suffers from hip dysplasia he needs to be operated. The surgery done to cure hip or acetabular dysplasia is known as periacetabular osteotomy technique.

Acetabular dysplasia:

Acetabular dysplasia is a form of arthritis which occurs at the hip socket. It does not form full coverage around femoral head causing hip joint to be unstable. This disorder is also known as hip dysplasia as it occurs at the hip area. Acetabular dysplasia is mostly seen in adolescents and is rarely found in people above the age of fifty. In this disorder person finds difficulty in walking or making any kind of movement. Acetabular dysplasia must be immediately cured otherwise after some time this disorder can result in further complications. Fortunately, treatment for acetabular dysplasia has been found and it is known as periacetabular osteotomy technique.

Periacetabular osteotomy technique:

Before knowing about periacetabular osteotomy technique, first we must know what exactly is osteotomy. Osteotomy can be defined as a surgical procedure in which bone is cut in such a way that it aligns perfectly on it’s place. This process can take from one day to six months to heal depending upon the complications of the surgery.

Now coming to the periacetabular osteotomy technique. It is a surgical treatment to align the hip bone back in it’s position which gets displaced due to the disorder known as acetabular dysplasia. If this disorder is left untreated it can cause weariness of hip and can cause hindrance in movement. It is a painful surgery like any other surgery and takes at least six to seven days to heal and three to four months for full recovery. However, after the whole procedure is completed it gives you relief from constant pain and sluggish movement.

Nowadays there are many orthopaedic surgeon who treat such disorders but who can be the best for it is the question that we all ask. Melbourne based orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Slattery is internationally recognized orthopedic surgeon with working experience of more than ten years. He is quite good at replacement of hip and pelvic bones which have been displaced.


Health is very important factor in one’s life and person should look after it. Minor sickness can be ignored but some disorders needs to be treated immediately. For instance, acetabular dysplasia is a serious hip disorder and it needs to be treated. The treatment to cure this disorder is known as periacetabular technique. In this the displaced hip or pelvic bone is realigned on it’s original place in such a way that it does not cause pain or hindrance in movement anymore.

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