vertical garden

We are pleased to present our Vertical Gardens Melbourne, which are made in Australia to the strictest safety regulations possible. These gardens are resilient enough to withstand the Australian climate thanks to our distinctive powder-coated aluminum panels, and they include an automatic drip watering system so you can relax knowing your garden is receiving the ideal amount of water. Our vertical gardens are not only visually appealing but also offer security and noise reduction for your home or place of work.Cultivate your vertical herb and veggie gardens next to your kitchen or barbeque to enhance your culinary explorations. Say goodbye to store-bought herbs and hello to the deliciousness of freshly harvestedherbs, even in the smallest metropolitan areas. Together, let’s turn those tiny areas into verdant retreats, and observe yourCooking practices are quite popular. Indoor or OutdoorAny indoor or outdoor area would benefit greatly from the addition of a vertical wall garden. Make a striking display for your living room, a practical and fascinating kitchen garden, or an amazing feature wall for your outdoor party space. With over 50 years of combined experience in organic gardening and vertical garden design, Vertical Gardens Melbourne is designed and manufactured in Australia. Our staff can create and install a system for your house or place of business if you’re seeking a personalized vertical garden. We additionally offer a big choice of customized answers that are prepared to apply and construct. Get in contact with us or directly fill out the form for an unfastened quote.

Fresh and Distinctive Garden Design for Vertical Walls

With just the included components, Vertical Wall GardensMelbourne is intended to be an all-in-one solution that looks and functions flawlessly. Their installation is made possible by their unique design, which also prevents water leaks and waste with a sophisticated irrigation system. Both indoors and outside, they’re ideal for confined spaces where water might pose a problem. Many or as few plants as you like may be shown with excellent results thanks to our unique honeycomb design, which produces a complete and eye-catching look. For your piece of thoughts, we also provide a 10-12 months assurance on all of our frames and systems.

Creative and Exceptional Vertical Wall Garden Designs

Both the environment and you are intended to benefit from wall gardensMelbourne. They are made to be ecologically beneficial in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and excellent at elevating spirits, lowering heat, and purifying the air. They use 92% less water than conventional gardens and are constructed entirely of recycled plastic and sturdy, recyclable metals. In addition, we use organic pesticides and fertilizers while growing all of our plants, preventing chemical exposure in your house or place of business. Speak with our staff or have a look at our selection of reasonably priced DIY kits online if you’re considering acquiring vertical wall gardensMelbourne.